The demand for short let properties is increasing every year. The potential to earn a high yeild whilst doing no operational work makes perfect sense.  Creating wealth through your real estate investment.


Holiday makers are already committed to visiting London. The next step is selecting your property to stay at. Most of our clients value 95% yearly occupancy with higher charge rates in high season.

We take care of every aspect of the service from setting up your online profiles, transforming your property into a perfect vacation rental, interior design, furniture setup. We manage all enquiries, take care of all bookings, greet the guests upon arrive and provide in-stay customer service. We manage all maintenance issues and payment forwarding to you.


Our property management team at London Prime professionally manage all of our short let properties and have the experience, local contacts, time and patience to manage your property effectively, ensuring all legal requirements are adhered to.

Contact London Prime to discuss the benefits and legal requirements of short let properties. If you are looking to add short lets to your property portfolio, we will be able to take you through every step along the way.



With the explosion of sites such as airbnb and booking it's created a new economy. Travellers love to stay in private properties all over the world. They owner retains flexibility and charges a night rate, at a higher return than an AST.

No hassle

The demand for short let properties is increasing every year. 


The properties are ready to hotel standard and include bed linen and a complete kitchen pack with appliances, cooking utensils, crockery, cutlery and glassware. along with home comfots.

£10,746m +

We have been managing short lets since 2011. We have welcomed 1000's of guests and managed 100's of properties. 

Our focus is to never take on too many clients and always work for 90%+ occupanct yearly


We never work with more clients than we can achieve 90%+ occupancy for at lucrative night rates. 

Our guest relations team are experts at securing bookings and working for fantastic guest reviews.


All payments are handled by the portal (airbnb etc), charged by card in advance and paid out upon check in minus the fee to the portal. No hassle chasing payments.  You control your cancellation and refund policy and set your night rate.


We have an experienced team of professional cleaners used to turning properties around in a fast time. 

We are excellent at creating a welcoming home environment.


Wooden Stairs


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